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EEG/Sleep recorders that make no compromises on quality

About Lifelines


Lifelines Ltd is a medical device company that designs, manufactures, and markets recording devices for use in the diagnosis of neurological and sleep disorders.  Since it was established in 1999, the company has developed a range of EEG recorders under the Trackit™ brand name, as well as a class-leading Photic Stimulator.

The Trackit recorders are small patient worn devices that record neurological activity (EEG) and vital signs (such as respiration and ECG). They are designed to be highly energy-efficient and the latest product, the Trackit t4A can record continuously for up to five days in the comfort of the patient's own home, without the need for costly hospital-based visits.

The company designs, develops and markets all its own products and subcontracts the manufacturing to a specialist medical manufacturer.

Business has grown significantly year on year from a few key hospitals in the UK to what is now a worldwide business with customers in the USA, Europe, the Far East an, Australasia and China.

Lifelines Ltd

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