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Lifelines R40 Amplifier

The compact and lightweight R-40 USB EEG Amplifier is a 40-channel electro­enceph­alo­graph designed for use in routine EEG, lab monitoring and research applications. It is used in the diagnosis of neurophysiological disorders such as epilepsy.

The Amplifier incorporates 32 referential channels and 8 polygraphic channels with built-in calibration and electrode impedance measurement. It also offers:

• A Nonin XPOD interface

• A Patient Event input

• 2 Aux DC inputs

• An Electrocap connector


The Amplifier has built in type-BF patient isolation and has a USB interface to the PC.
The highest signal accuracy is ensured with DC-coupling throughout and the use of 24-bit conversion. Optional wireless communication is available via Bluetooth and WLAN WiFi.

For details see the full specifications below:


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