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The Trackit™ T4 System

The T4 system is Lifelines' versatile system of telemetry amplifiers and PCUs.

There are two amplifiers:

  • T4 32 with 24 referential and 8 polygraphy channels
  • T4 68 with 64 referential and 4 polygraphy channels

The T4 is ideal for telemetry recordings communicating via high speed bluetooth (v4), or powered and EEG data streamed to the acquisition system via the USB cable.

The T4 is available with a range of simple plug in Patient Connection Units (PCUs), allowing the amplifier to be quickly configured to different EEG applications.

Three PCU's for maximum flexibility

Quick (32+3)

  • comes with a “D”-type connector, ideal for use with electrode-cap systems.
  • benefits from 10 additional touch-proof inputs as well as three polygraphy inputs.

Standard (24+8)

  • uses touchproof inputs conveniently laid out in the 10/20 system to aid electrode application

Extended  (64+4)

  • for those detailed EEG examinations, this PCU is laid out in a simple numeric grid – not recommended for use with the T4-32

Selected highlights

Built into the main body as standard the T4 amplifier also has

  • A Nonin XPOD interface
  • A Patient Event input
  • 2 Aux DC inputs

The Amplifier has built in type-BF patient isolation and the highest signal accuracy is ensured with DC-coupling throughout and the use of 24-bit conversion.

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