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EEG/Sleep recorders that make no compromises on quality

Trackit™ t4A Ambulatory Amplifier

Smaller, lighter and more efficient, the Trackit™ t4A is a high performance ambulatory EEG recorder for use with Lifelines' portable systems. It is a low power, battery operated recorder, with 28 monopolar and 4 bipolar channels, which deliver lab quality EEG for up to 72 hours continuously using Trackit and Trackit Plus software. The data can be read anywhere, in real-time using dedicated cloud software.

The Trackit™ t4A has an attractive, blue integrated PCU with a tamper-proof, latched battery compartment that makes changing batteries quick and easy.

Weighing in at just 250g (350g with batteries), the Trackit™ t4A comes with a sturdy, yet soft, water-resistant bag that complies with the rigorous standards demanded by the Home Use Standard, and can be worn comfortably by adults and children alike.


No lightweight when it comes to performance

  • 28 monopolar and 4 bipolar touch proof inputs
  • Low power, battery operated
  • Up to 5 days continuous recording (3 days with Bluetooth)
  • Patient event input

Trackit™ t4A Ambulatory Recorder

  • Ambulatory EEG System/kit
  • Cloud-based Home Video Monitoring System
  • Patient worn pouch (bag)
  • Low power
  • Battery operated




  • Robust design suited for tough ambulatory use
  • Bluetooth connectivity for synchronized video recording
  • Up to 3 days of AEEG without the need to change battery
  • Data recorded to SD cards
  • LCD display of clock, recording, battery and memory status
  • Tamper proof battery compartment
  • Built in event button
  • Dual recording mode for data security
  • Built in electrode impedance check
  • EEG Recorded in 24-bit BDF format
  • EEG recodings compatible with many leading EEG Review software packages


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