Fulfilling a Wide Range of EEG Recording Needs

The Trackit T4 amplifier is designed to be adaptable for a wide range of EEG Telemetry applications. A high technical specification ensures that only the best quality EEG signals are recorded and the amplifier is comfortable for the patient to wear for short routine studies or Long Term Monitoring.


Available with 32 channels or 68 channels, the T4 amplifier is offered with a choice of three optional Patient Connection Units (PCUs).

The Quick PCU comes with a “D”-type connector for e-caps offering 21 channels plus 10 additional touch-proof referential inputs as well as three polygraphy inputs.

The Standard PCU uses touchproof inputs conveniently laid out in the 10-20 system to aid electrode application.

The Extended PCU has 64 referential and four polygraphy channels for detailed EEG examinations and is laid out in a simple numeric matrix .Primarily for use with the Trackit T4 68 amplifier it could also be used with the T4 32 which would allow 32 referential channels and four polygraphy channels.

T4 amplifiers can be set-up to save EEG data to a micro-SD card without the need to record to a PC.

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Trackit T4 Highlights
  • Highly adaptable telemetry amplifier
  • Choice of three PCUs
  • Wide band amplifier suitable for clinical and research use
  • Up to 50 hours continuous recording
  • Can record to micro SD card without the need of a PC


  • Highly adaptable telemetry EEG amplifier
  • Open choice of electrodes including a dedicated PCU for e-caps
  • Quality EEG recording assured with the use of a high quality, low noise amplifier
  • A true wide band amplifier capable of recording very slow EEG responses (direct current potential shifts) on all channels
  • Wide range of recording channels
  • Nonin interface provides HR, SaO2 and pulse-wave (plethysmogram)
  • Patient activated marker to time stamp events during recording
  • 50 hours recording with single battery charge
  • Data can be uploaded and reviewed on-line via dedicated cloud services


  • DC recording capabilities on all channels
  • Front end calibration
  • Integrated impedance measurement
  • Continuous impedance check
  • High simultaneous sampling rates on all channels
  • High common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and very low noise amplifier minimise interference and ensure that only high quality EEG signals are recorded
  • Bluetooth or USB connectivity
  • Patient event button or option for an external patient event marker button
  • Dual recording mode for data security
  • EEG data can be stored on a micro SD card
  • EEG data is stored in Biosemi Data Format (BDF)
  • EEG recordings compatible with many leading third party EEG review software packages

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